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Professor Dr. Jian Ji

Time2010-04-15 23:11
Professor Dr. Jian Ji

Professor Dr. Jian Ji

Dr. Jian Ji received a bachelor’s degree at Chemistry Department of Zhejiang University in 1992. He joined the department in 1997 after getting his PhD degree in the Institute of Polymer composites of Zhejiang University in 1997, and became an associated professor and full professor in 2000 and 2004, respectively. He teaches two undergraduate courses related to the polymeric composite and functional polymer and one Ph. D course related to polymer surface and interface. He has been doing research work in the polymeric biomaterials and biological interface for over 10 years and has published more than 90 research papers in peer reviewed international journal.

His main research interest focuses on polymeric biomaterials and biological interface. Based on the biomimic strategy, several supramolecular self-assemble methods were explored to develop biocompatible and biofunctional materials. Electrostatic self –assembly” method, which based on the alternating physisorption of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes, was explored to develop several functional multilayer coating onto biomaterial to represent the desirable properties, such as anti-coagulation, promote cytocompatibility and control release of DNA. In following the biological perspective of glycocalyx, the poly(ethylene oxide) comb-like copolymers were explored to engineer glycocalyx-mimic surfaces, which reduce the non-specific interaction and end-tethered ligand to trigger biomolecules self-assemble. Get inspiration of the cell membrane structure, a kind of cell membrane biomimetic micelles were developed via supramolecular aggregation of a biomimetic amphiphilies. The biomimetic nano-carriers show low toxicity and high cell uptake ratio, which might be suitable as a carrier vehicle for delivering bioactive agents.

Current Projects:
* Development of Advanced Biomimetic Biomaterial via Self-assembly
* Surface Modification for Cardiovascular Biomaterial
* Design of Signaling Surface to Trigger Cell Behavior
* Development of Polymer-based Gene Delivery System via Self-assembly
* Novel Biomimetic Polymeric Nano-Carrier for Drug delivery







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